What type of packaging do I need?

Great! Now you have a product or a few products you have decided to sell on your e-commerce store, now what? How are your customers going to receive them? Should you spend on branding? Will the products be damaged during shipping?

Regardless of the products you sell, it’s important to spend some thought on choosing the appropriate packaging for those products. This can save you a lot of time and money further down the road as your company grows.

Here is a list of some of the common categories of products and the common types of packaging they use.


Tissue Paper – Usually used to wrap around the clothes to protect the clothes and give a premium look. Tissue paper is usually paired with a hardier packaging material like a mailer box.


white polymailer

Polymailers – Usually used to ship clothings. To save costs, use a plain polymailer and slap on the address label and stamp. If you want to have your branding or company logo, you can also customize the polymailer. Polymailers are waterproof, so you don't have to worry about your items getting wet during shipping. If you want a little more extra protection for your items, you can consider the bubble polymailers, which consists of a bubble wrap layer inside the polymailer. It serves as extra protection and gives the polymailer more rigidity and shape.


Subscription-based products 

mailer boxes

Mailer Boxes – Carton boxes that are thick and strong with flaps that can easily open and close. It can store a few products, but be mindful of keeping the items inside snug to prevent excessive movement and damage to your products.

Since mailer boxes are a form of rigid packaging, any extra unnecessary spaces will lead to the items in the box moving around and possibly getting damaged. You will likely want to add in packaging fillers to keep the items in place. This would also increase shipping costs.

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