How to Choose the Right Poly Mailer Bags?

What are poly mailer bags?

A poly mailer is an elastic type of packaging, made from polyethylene LDPE. A poly mailer protects products inside from weather conditions like rain or high humidity.
Poly mailer bags are also known as Poly Mailer, Custom Mailers, Courier Bag, Shipping Bag, Mailing Bag.

What kinds of poly mailer bags are there?
There are many types of poly mailers. They can differ based on the material they are made up of, some of them recyclable, while others are just for a single-use. Some of them have a single adhesive strip, while others have double, mainly for ecommerce companies who expects returns from their customers, so their customers can reuse the polymailer without having to spend money to buy one.

Do I need poly mailers as my main packaging solution?

Poly mailer are useful and they are the go-to solution for any product that requires safety and waterproofing during transit.

How to choose one that is suitable for your business?
Talk to us and we can advise on the right type and the right size of poly mailers for you.

Are poly mailer bags green?
Not all poly mailers are bad for the environment. Some of them are made from plant based material and is compostable.

How much do they cost?
Non-customized poly mailers are affordable, hence the go-to packaging for many small businesses who are just starting out. When you are looking for something personalized and are more concerned about branding, custom polymailers are the way to go.

Where can I buy one?
We at Packedge sells both customized and generic polymailers. You can even get your own customized polymailers at a low Minimum Order Quantity.
For bulk purchase of 1000 pieces or more, customise size and printing do give us a call or email for quotation.