Determining the Right Size and Design for Your Poly Mailer Bags

Getting the right size for your poly mailer bags is not only important to save costs, but also important for your operations (such as packing) of your business.

At this point in time, you may have gotten your product ready, for example baby clothings, gift box, costume jewellery, snacks, etc. Whatever you want to ship to your customers, be clear about the products' dimensions before buying your poly mailer bags.

Here are the factors to consider when determining the size of the poly mailer bags.

1. When shipping clothings, you need to decide how you want to fold your apparels. The more folds you make, or the more clothes you squeeze into one poly mailer bag (if you sell in a set or a bundle), the thicker the final package will be. If it gets too thick, you may not be able to squeeze it into the post box, and you may need to pay the post office a visit.

2. For those shipping gift boxes, don't buy poly mailer bags that fit your gift boxes exactly. You need to give allowance due to the thickness of these boxes. You can send us the dimensions of your boxes and we can recommend the right size.

3. Bigger is always better, if the costs doesn't escalate too much. You can always tape down the excess plastic in a neat fashion and it'll look presentable.

4. For customization, if you don't have a brand colour and you want to save costs, go for a black and white design. This is what is commonly referred to as 1c printing.

5. If you have only one logo printed on your packaging, ensure that after your item is packed, the logo is visible during transit. When your customer receives it, that should be part of the branding and unboxing experience.

6. If you are opting for an eco-friendly packaging, why not show off to your customers and tell them that the company they purchase from believes in saving the earth and going green. A simple text at the bottom of your poly mailer bag that says "I am a compostable bag" will do the trick.