[Updated Nov 2019] Summary of Changes to Singpost Delivery Services

Postal delivery is a thankless job. If your mail arrives on time, or ahead of time, all is good. Life goes on. But if it arrives just one day late, the customer will complain till the cows come home. No wonder Singpost is increasing their postal rates.

Here is a summary of the changes that will be enforced from 2 Dec 2019 onwards.

 Current From Dec 2 Onwards
Mail items between 501g and 2kg can be sent domestically as ordinary mail - Costing up to $3.35 for a 2kg item

This option will be replaced with 2 new categories:

Basic package - Costing between 90 cents and $3.50 

Tracked Package - Costing between $3.20 and $4.80

Packages are sent to the doorstep if letterbox is full
Packages will be returned to post office if letterbox is full
Registered article service applies to letters, printed papers and packages
 Renamed Registered Service (Singapore), only letters and printed papers up to 500g are accepted

Essentially, Singpost is trying to reducing the amount of time effort of our postmen and to plug loopholes that consumers have long been exploiting.

What does it mean for you as a business owner who relies on Singpost as an affordable source of postal delivery service?

Scenario 1:

If you have been sending your blogshop apparels weighing between 500g and 1kg via Singpost registered mailed, it used to cost $3.35 (+$2.24 for registered mail) if it weighs between 1kg and 2kg. That's $5.79 in total.

Now, you would opt for tracked package which costs $4.20. You save $1.59!

Scenario 2:

If you have been sending your blogshop apparels weighing between 100g and 250g via Singpost ordinary mail, it used to cost $1.15.

Now, you would opt for basic package which costs $1.40. You pay $0.25 more!

Scenario 3:

You have been posting items that fall outside the dimension of the letterbox but can fit into the post office's post box, and then expecting the postmen to delivery to the doorstep because it cannot fit into the recipient's letterbox. The postman will leave it at the post office this time around.

Below are the maximum dimensions of the various postal options:

Ordinary mail renamed as basic mail: 340mm x 240mm x 70mm up to 500g 

Basic and tracked package: 324mm x 229mm x 65mm up to 2kg

As a business owner, you will need to constantly be adaptable to changes in the business environment and rising costs. From the changes that are going to be made, tracking for packages is cheaper now and you may want to consider having that option for your customer to ensure timely deliveries and safe passage for your parcel.