The Balance Between Protecting your Items and Excessive Packaging

As an online shop, you want to ensure that items reach your customers safely. You wouldn't want damaged goods to reach your customers, only for them to email you about it and having to deal with returns. This wastes a lot of valuable time and money and creates an unpleasant experience for your customer.

The E-commerce logistics process typically has a lot more touchpoints as compared to the traditional retail model. According to Forbes, the average box is "dropped 17 times". Some retailers have resorted to sending small items in a relatively larger box with most of the space inside being filled with air. As the director of Packaging Programme at Rutgers University Hae Chang Gea describes it "Effective, but wasteful".

Apart from getting lots of air and padding, we sometimes also receive “Russian-doll boxes” from retailers. These packages consists of one package being put inside another as extra protection. Sometimes, we see retailers leave as much as 80% of the space in the box empty and fill them up with "air pillows". As your packaging solutions provider, we will work with you to determine the most appropriate packaging solution for your products.

Here are some examples of what current retailers have done to protect their packages.

At Packedge, we work with you to find out how we can protect your product and design your packaging, to be cost-efficient, so you wouldn't find yourself "shipping air". At the same time, we also want to be conscious of the environment and encourage sustainable packaging.