Alternatives to the Plastic Polymailers

Want a green packaging solution to your plastic polymailers?

With the recent green movement, where teens and green activists are speaking out loudly, companies have taken notice. Big companies have spoken out through their actions. Our NTUC fairprice is testing out zero plastic bags at their supermarkets. Fast food restaurants are removing straws from their counters. It’s no surprise that e-commerce companies are also responding.

We have many questions from our customers asking for alternatives to plastic poly mailers bags. There is a definite trend towards going green, and putting out a statement to your existing and potential customers that you stand for saving the earth.

At Packedge, we have the answer. Eco friendly poly mailers or some call it the bio poly mailers. It’s a starch based material that has a unique texture and a natural organic look. The poly mailer is still strong, durable, able to withstand moisture, water, punctures or even stretching. We would also recommend telling your customers that the bag that contained their purchase is a compostable one, reinforcing the message that you believing in sustainability.

For those who are still considering and weighing the pros and cons of switching to compostable poly mailers, we understand. Cost concerns are still primary in decisions like this. What we usually advise our clients is to think of the long game, and perhaps even use this as a competitive advantage over your competitors. It’s not an easy decision so we are here to help.

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